The Great Cat Adventure Starring 3 Cats

by Linda Bucklin

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          Thomas, Sinbad and Zigger were three cats who lived in a quiet country home in Lyndonville, with their people, Howard and Linda. They had a quiet life in their cozy little home in the peaceful village.

          Sinbad was the baby of the group, he was just a tiny 3 month old kitten. He was cute with bright eyes and fur that was part pepper colored and part white. In spite of the fact that he was so tiny, Sinbad was always pestering the big cats to play with him. Zigger and Thomas both chased him and pounced
on him, although sometimes they got a little too rough and then Sinbad would cry and run. A few minutes later Sinbad would be right back, pestering Thomas or Zigger to play. He was a spunky little guy. Sinbad meets Thomas

          Thomas especially loved little Sinbad. Thomas was all gray, from head to toe, except for his eyes, which were yellow. Although Thomas was all grown up, he was still as playful as a kitten. He and Sinbad had hours of fun playing together, and when they were done they would often cuddle up together and go to sleep.


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