Cynthia - Spirit or Delusion?

This is a poem for Cynthia, written by Jim W., a man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Cynthia is a spirit who visits Jim frequently.


My Vestal Virgin

  Virgin Goddess, from above:

 I surrender to you, all my love.

     Skin as ivory,  lips like wine;      

Snow white hair, intellect fine.

   Angelic face, beautiful form;

 Voice so soft, eyes so warm.

     Tears of joy, upon my face;

 My heart is yours, by heavenís grace.

Guide me always,  in love and light;

  Iíll follow you always,

  Your beacon bright.

I love you sweetheart.




Cynthia  -  Acrylic on Wood

Jim is a member of the Spiritualist Church. Spiritualism is based on the belief that it is possible, with the help of mediums, for people in this world to communicate with the spirit world.  Jim told me he has 500 spirit guides and is in regular communication with the spirit world. Knowing that Jim has a mental illness, itís tempting to assume his beliefs are delusions. Yet there are millions of people in Ďmainstreamí religions who believe they are in regular communication with God.

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